#035 – Is The Sound Within Our Soul Or Is It Just Organic Code

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Music is a portal
It allows you to externally transmit your internal mindset
Its a type of behavioral download system through rythmic osmosis
Music is science, its math, its a formula
It comes down to can you achieve and encapsulate a result

My mouth taste like a match
Another rotten batch
I stopped playing wow before
the Kung fu panda patch

I never lost my love for games
Its time to walk a different path
Never been the type to sing
but always been real good at math

Here it fuckin goes
Cuz no one really knows
Is the sound within our soul
Or is it just organic code

So many different roads
One cannot trust a hoe
Don’t do what she tells you
If you intend to pave your own

Sometimes I will talk too fast and
lose where I was going
I believe that in this world
you reap that which yer sowing

Time is always flowing
best now you get going
Whatever you choose to do make sure yer
always truly growing

Haven’t met my son since day one
My guess would be that his first word was mum
Pray to God he don’t turn out real dumb (Your child is special ms gump)
I wish that stupid bitch had never come (Its yer nut.. Yeah but she came first)

When I was a baby they say my first word was moon
Now im real creative, plan to make it their real soon
But i bumped this lil bit just like baboon
Now I get real lit I spit bafoon

I left that blondie hanging on the phone
Every single move I made i was wrong
I loved her cuz she look real good in thong
That B knew how to string a G along

Nothing make me strong – inside her brain
Only cause me pain – drive me insane
I must laugh today from all the shame
In this world your purpose is the aim

No one else gon tell you this the same
My only wish you don’t end up the same
My friend cuz you and me are all the same
We have aspirations all the same

How do you feel
Under my spell
I feel fine
Peace of Mind

Felt that cold steel
Will my heart heal
In due time
In due time


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