#034 – My Flow Will Make You Fiscally Fit

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tart from the end
Then work your way in
If you dont roll it tight enough
then you must try again

All my time I spend
Working for those ends

If you wont even begin then
how do you plan to contend

One hand on my mic One on my dick (hands)
I can fly a plane with just a Bic
My flow will make you physically sick
I noticed that this game is just a trip

I give these refried’s bean a little flick
They start to stick I wash my dish til spick
If you dont stretch you’re bound to get a crick
She playin fetch the bone cuz im too quick

Dont be such a drone, here eat this snick
I broke my baby mama, fukn shit
My friends all turned to clones, fukn shit
Went off on my own like fuk this shit

Listen up son
You might not hear this song again

Dont speak until im done
You must be sure to pay attention

You must punk the bitch
Or the bitch will punk you

If the bitch wud fuk me
Then the bitch ll fuk u 2

Experiment 626
ohana world is oh so cute
But here on planet E arth
Real life is pretty cruel

That bitch was Nani thicc
That bitch said suck my dick
I said too bad little chica
I am not a feminist


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