#032 – I’m Just Gonna Say, They Don’t Care About Us

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Lately I got something thats been pickin at my mind
Why the fuck so many people bitching they aint tryin man
We all know that somethings up, why cant you see the signs
You n me are just the tools for their timeline

I’m just gonna say, they dont care about us
I’m just gonna say, they dont care about us
I’m just gonna say, they dont care about us
I’m just gonna sing, so i can buy a fortress

Cops are known to cause a scene so do not make a fuss
Keep your head down, don’t look around, do not look up
Unless you choose to speak up well then you are one of us
Cuz I just wanna sing so I can buy a tour bus

We livin a time where dogs can have more clothes than people
The American Dream is machines producing leftist evil
You know yer in a slump when yer choice is Hillary or Trump
You don’t need to see whats going down to know whats up

Consume, consume, consume
Work, work, work

Consume, consume, consume
Work, work, work

I just seen another one
Looks like they multiplying

They just got a bigger gun
Looks like they resupplying

Every politician leads from a place of ego
Everybody thinks that dey can influence the sheeple
Big govt is tyranny designed to make you equal
The drive for central power really lies inside people

Multifaceted disease comprised of cultures
There are varying degrees of being vulture
Dont digest the beef n I do not fuck wit poultry
I dont nacho cheese n i dont go to the grocery

You talk a lot a game kid so how bout u just show me
Things will stay the same if you dont focus on the growing I
Guarantee your great cuz its embedded in your coding
Dont care what you create if you just in it for the gloating

I’m living on a prayer im in the air im fl fl floating
You think yer a player but yer screen is stuck on the loading
The truth is Belle Delphine is all the proof our worlds eroding
Don’t complain about the current state if you don’t plan on owning


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