#031 – I Take A Hit Of The Critical, It’s A Critical Hit

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Chillin at the spot just makin music n shit
Thinkin to myself like I can do this n shit
Things been goin down but I’ll get through this n shit
Feels like Im surrounded by the future n shit

You are just a fool if you aren’t doin n shit
You are just a tool if you aren’t provin n shit
You are just a stool if you aren’t movin n shit
You must never ever ever ever ever quit

Im just too legit – too legit to quit
Truth and wisdom are the only two things that I spit

I take a hit of the critical
It’s a critical hit
I get so fucking lyrical
whenever I get lit

Sendin out some snapchats while im browsin weedmaps
Puffin on some hazmat as we stylin to some slaps

Smoke every last blunt like its my last
Its amazing just how fast the time will pass
I’m smart because I did not go to class
Now I do what I want because I’m free at last

Yer never too old to set a goal or dream a dream
Send out my message more than ursaring hyper beam
Working hard to beat this game so I can get my slice
Be cautious how you choose to play you always pay a price

No one plays the same and every chance you roll the dice
Pay attention to your choices you dont get to make them twice


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