#030 – Yung Rich Funy Hnsm G, Smoshin Round Cali

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Young rich funny handsome g
Smoshin round Cali Ian and Anthony

Smash on the gash for a freak
She like to call me b and she pull her pants down for me

Fucked around without a condom planted a seed
Got to focused on the drama and the greed

Now I’m playin hide n go seek
Cuz her nigga lookin for me and he wants to have a chat with me

I’m too focused on my killing spree
Never gonna catch me got that certain kindadipity
She had that certain special kinda slippery
At the time my view on life was kinda jittery

After she aborted I had to reconsider things
Now I’m on the grind and I always hear the symphony
Swear to god that whore she got it fuckin in for me
Apologized before but she pretend to not remember me

1 2 3
Cant see me

In the hills
of EDC

Already feel rich and I’m still broke
Now I’m playin games like who’s the biggest ho

Its hard to plan for things you didnt know
One day you will understand
for now enjoy the show


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