#029 – Suns About To Set Again, It’s 808 PM

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I stay on the grind
Nothing tricky to it dude
It’s just a mental state

When I awake I bake
Do not make mistake
Once I got that bean in me
Hnh – I’m wide awake (dark roast black please)

Selfish with these hoes
Plowed that Amber Rose
When I think too hard about er
My brainstem start to grow

Dear god please set time back to slow
Dear god please let that income flow
Dear god please help me find my home
I’m all alone don’t know where I belong

For now It’s just hi ho hi ho
It’s off to work we go

I stay on the grind
To keep my piece of mind
Dead end job from 9 to 5
Fuck no Im not the kind

Rather craft a master slap and -hn- bust a rhyme
Roll another blunt and take that new beat for a ride hoe
Keep the windows up make sure that everyone gets high tho
Cruisin through the foothills on the western side yo

World is out to get me but I’ll face it with a grin
Speakers up real loud to feel the pound in your head
Got a message for my son im bout to hit send (I love you)
Suns about to set again its 8:08 PM

Used to know this lil bit got all them curves on fleek
She say that I’m that one n they just – cant compete
She say I got that bomb bomb make her -hn- legs weak
She say I got that something that’s just -hn- so unique

Yer guaranteed to fail if you keep looking for a cheat
There’s one way to prevail see working hard cannot be beat
Let me spell this out yer always one step from the street
If you find a shell usually a snail’s found underneath

Do not allow your ego to carress itself
You should be more focused on developing yourself
Learn a skill to express yourself
Nothing is more rewarding than life itself

Life itself
Nothing is more rewarding than life itself


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