#028 – I Do Not Fear

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I’m scared
What’s going on
Is this the light?

I do not fear
For I can see

I do not fear
I believe in mastery

I do not fear
I am the greatest

I do not fear
I’ll infiltrate your playlist

I do not fear (I ain scared
I do not fear
I do not fear (no really i mean it
I do not fear

The majority – is going to try
to bring you down
You must be unwavering
if you intend to stick around

Most will try to tell you not to make – a sound
I’m just too incredible – to ever dwell under the ground

The humans of the world
are all my children
The one true way
is what I will instill in them

You want their attention well
it looks like I’ll be stealing it
You wont stick to what you say
Unless youre really feelin it

You have to go to school
You have to get a job
You have to find a wife
You have to hate your life

And I know this can all seem rather tedious
When you live without a purpose this can all seem pretty meaningless


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