#024 – Plastic Bag, Damp Paper Towel

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Plastic bag
Damp paper towel (Squirt, Squirt)
That’s how you plant the seed to get the power (Just like me)

Must be like the lion, never cower (i do not fear.)
Cultivate the land – then pick out all the flower

Chillin at the spot got me some sour patch kids
Gotta be to work in half an hour, fuggin shi

Just a young nikol on the grind
Tryna find a way – to occupy my mind

Craft a couple shlaps – draft a couple rhymes
Kick it with a dime? Nah i aint got the time

Always left my baby mamas cryin (baby why you cryin?)
Only wish they knew that I was always really tryin

Live my life so free that its a crime
Do one handed push ups to realign my spine (tap out)

These gangsters lookin for me want dem fines (Tax Collector)
I don’t play for free I’ll only play if theres a buy in

Take the whole pot every single time
Smoke all the pot every single time
Make the beat drop – right on time
Harvest all my crop – right on time


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