#023 – If It Ain’t Hard Boy, Then It’s Weak

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This is what Ice Cube taught me

If it ain’t hard boy then it’s weak
So listen closely when I speak

Cuz when Im fitna spit it boy
My bokchoy ain’t laced with soy

My voice is sweet like teriyaki
Live my life check league ice hockey
You can try your best bring me down
but that wont stop me

That blue dream got me feelin lofty
Deep Down i kno yous a softy

Dime I’m not the kind
To bust a sucka rhyme
Spittin fire every track
Cuz I ain’t got much time
So if you trnya fuck with me then you can get in line

Everybody’s out to get me
I can’t get no sleep

Federales wanna stip
cuz I wont eat their cheese

Had this nigga looking for me cuz
I bumped his ex b
Threatened me through instagram
I told that kid bitch please

Got that killa beat
The type mike wish he made it
Swear the sounds instilled in me
But I might just be too faded

Could probably calm down on the dro
But then again im just like no
My brain is always on the go
I’m always thinking bout the dough

Dont care if you don’t like it kid
Im tryna get paid
So buy the fukn song or just move on
and buy some lemonade

Your words are as irrelevant
as pussy is to gays
I’m a real life boss my dude
and you are just a slave


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