#022 – The Definition Of Success Is…

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Listen to me closely son
You need to know the truth
The definition of success is
Working towards a worthy goal

Gradual change is truly
The most natural part of life
Stagnation is unnatural son
Do not fall for the wife

Every single day
You get paid 24 hours
Tell me how you
Plan to spend your time

I’m that nega son
I’m made out of gold
Don’t confuse the words I use
That backlash getting old

Watch out for that bean
Turn you quick into a fiend
Regulate your intake mate

Bestowed with good genetics if you can catch my drift (wood)
So drive me round the block if you know how to work a shift (stick)
Smoke a lot of blunts addicted to the sticky ick (tree)
I have this gift with pussy cat that make a mutt look slick (bark)

Born and raised in the Cali Valley just outside the rim (Roots)
Got the sound Instilled in me, I’m on the road again (trunk)

Youll never catch me lumpin like a Stump
Im el Presidente status, call me Signor Trump
Got this little bit that’s tryna bump
That money stack come first and I refuse to let it slump

Watch your Back, I wear all Black Got Northern Cali Style
Dont get in the way, out here we’re gearin for that pile
If you’d like a talk to me then yer goina have to file
I caught that diddy kong so easily with a simple smile

Headed to the brewhouse in the non slips
Been talking to this dime piece got some really nice lips
Try to stay away she got them bomb hips
I tell her I make games lets see how deep this bit can get

She start talking bout how she like anime
Thats when I’m like, oh okay, you really think that you can hang?
Ask her bout T T G L see what she’s got to say
Oh you’ve never heard of it then suck this drill n I’ll hit play

When I was youngster I learned how to count to 10
Now im all grown up and I’m a god amongst men
I’m talking about percent of the percent
Theres a place for everyone that’s where I’m meant

Im Not the type to live my life content
I Plot this shit right down to the final cent
Best believe there comes a day when all your time is spent
Better try that dream right now, one chance is all you get


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