#021 – Nothing To My Name Except My Brain

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I am very open
to exposing my emotions
Thats why yer a whisper
And my voice is spanning oceans

Always in the laboratory
brewing up a potion
Might bounce to the beat
if I so hap to get the notion

You wear a watch on your one wrist
so you can tell the time
I wear a watch on both my wrists
so I know I’m shackled to the grind

I’m telling you right now young lungs
you have to live aligned
Every single day you must
successfully define

Make sure that you keep up
or youll sure get left behind
A well directed goal is all you need
to change your life

Conceive believe achieve
that’s how you make it happen
Find yer purpose make yer message
then you best start slappin

Right now all I see is your dumb mouth
and its still flappin

I’m telling you right now young man
it all comes down to action

Got 10 paper hams left
in my one good hand
Nothing to my name
except my brain, you understand

Git me som dat grip I got no place to call my own
Need more of that sticky ick, addicted to the stone
Blueberry zig zag top shelf the only way I’ve known
Money weed and pusy just a few things i condone

The order is important son you must not get it wrong
Make sure to discriminate because we all belong
I knew that I could make it all along
I knew that I could make it all along

So I take another rip straight to my dome
Cuz I knew that I could make it all along


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