#020 – Influence

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They’re trying to take that influence from me
They’re trying to take that influence from me
They’re tryna see if they can break a G
Not too sure what happened – thought that I was free

I swear to God it all feels like a dream
No – I don’t have the time to shoot the steam
Already talked to plenty, most agree
This – is not the way that things are sposed to be

Tryna hack my stack cuz I refuse to buy their sticker
Now I owe a rack.point.five for skipping court go figure
Need to find a way to make them bands expand a little bigger
Only other way to pay that dead lead from my trigger

I am just so happy that you came
I dont understand why you would think its just a game
I refuse to live my life the same
I don’t understand why you would try to shame my name

I don’t care about the things you say
But I dont have a choice I dont just get to run away
Yet Who am I to come straight out and say
Im the very best Its time I show these kids a better way

They hate to see a nigga speak his mind
If they hatin on u well then thats a real good sign
Its all part of the true formula
Next step in the sequence is when they claim I changed up


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