#019 – Cleanin Up My Tracks We Got A 2319

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Cleaning up my tracks
We got a 2319!
Chasing after racks
Financial Lion King (rawr)

Need to trim the grass
Cuz I’m Fiendin for a sting (buzz)
Aint change up the act
Cuz conceive believe achieve (nerd)

All these lil flame spitters char char
Eventually a lame display his inner Jar Jar
Im not playin im sendin Far Far
Im maintainin frame Youd think my name was fukn Nardwuar

Small people talk small things
(so like guess what Becky did)
Do not be the type to gossip
Be the type to bling (that’s right)

No one knows what tomorrow brings
So pay attention to your habits then you
Step up to the plate n swing

Once I was a youngster
Now I am young man
Soon I will be man
Ts why I plan to plant da plan

Try to understand
I’m just tryna make a grand
And I kinda feel like ain’t
No one play the game the same

Thats why I aim for the Fame
Thats why I built up the name
And I’d do it all again
Im king cire origins

I got skin in the game
Im blingin China chain
Its a got damn shame
Cuz the whole thing is a scame


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