#018 – The Past Is Old News, The Future Is A Ruse

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You just might say that I be on my wii
Spittin game big brain I’m white Mac D
I been blowin up W M D
They clock block me now they all wanna see !
Im nukin all these drones Straight up obam administry !

I smoke a lot of tree
It helps me think im free
I grow my own maganja
cuz Im livin sourcreme

The past is old news
The future is a ruse
The present is irrelevant
unless you truly choose

Each day i eat banana
I live my life ohana
I Disregard the drama
From the generash bin Lada

Not the type to buy in
Covert on the tight end
I Don’t trust nine eleven
When them C E O s be checkin

Im bout to be stackin up the trumps
Im talkn like a leftist stacks dead babies in his trunk
Just too high to worry bout the stumps
These simps been goosin ratchets tryna hijack one quick bump

Don’t believe in oominati
So far they haven’t got me
Now im startna make big noise
So we’ll see if they can stop me


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