#016 – Do You Have To Shave Your Face For The Man Bwoa

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Do you have to shave your face
for the man bwoa

Are you even old enough
to understand bwoa

When you leave the house
does mama hold your hand bwoa

Are you 12 years old and scared
need an adult

Ever notice how adult
sounds like a dolt

Are you brave enough to be
Part of the shows what I wanna know

You need to get a grip on your shit bwoa
You need to get some grit on your lip bwoa
Don’t waste ya time just thinkin bout that slit bwoa
You need to grow a sack n go get lit bwoa

Time – does not wait (That’s a law)

That’s why I – don’t masturbate (Well not that much)

I stay up late

Work hard to get the great
It’s time to quit your job son
Control your fate

Can you relate?
Must I explain?
I Eekum Bokem
Now I toke n
Make bideo games

Found my own way
Your bound to stray
Align yourself with worthy goals
work toward them every day

You’ll start to see
You’ll feel like me
Welcome to the other side son – we call this one Free.

Do as you please
Just know the cheese
Don’t complain n
Don’t go stray n
Don’t digest the beef you see cuz

Blue Dream the chief
Sprinkle on the Keef
Self induce the trauma from a blunt to keep the peace (cleva motha fucka)

Inside my mind
I live aligned
On the grind
Im bound to find

More of my kind
Music is the sign
Sending out them waves bwoa
I’ll never die

Must we fight
Is this the light
Are you totally positive that
your life is not a lie

Try not to cry
Look to the sky
For every one is equal
Underneath the seeing eye

good bye


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