#015 – I’m Ugly And I’m Proud

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Keep your eyes on me you might just be my one hit wonder
I feel obliged to let you know im in this for the plunder
Times up, i need treasure
Pirate under pressure
Bitch you need to hurry up
This aint the time for leisure

If I had you then you is a has been
She be rubbin more lamps than alladin

My soul is the vessel and I am the captain
Must master your fate for no bad things to happen
Learned the whole truth that’s when I started slappin
Now I got the whole family clappin

All of my negas be eatin
My empire can not be beaten
I’m beamin the truth like a beacon
Inspire the fire when speakin
All these jabronies be shakin
The spotlight is mine for the takin

When I listen to music I turn it up loud
I’m not the type to get lost in a crowd
Just think back to Spongebob when I’m feeling down
Repeat what he taught me, I’m ugly and I’m proud

(Im Ugly and Im proud!)

Im ugly Im proud

Im ugly Im proud

You cant bring me down

Are you feelin down

Im feelin proud

Are you feelin down?

If yer ugly

dont come around me

Patrick (You gave me the ugly!)


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