#013 – Yer Dangerous You Little Bit

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Oh there’s no fuckin doubt
Yer sexy as fuck
But yer dangerous you little bit
I ain’t even gotta look to know

Cuz that booty shine so bright
Got me spendin every night (Can’t Sleep)
Got that helmet up
all set for you to ride the bike hoe

Cuz ive been thinking bout you since day one
Sights are locked on target sir, prepare to make her come (fire!)

Baby what’s your name – What’s your sign – Where you from
I ain’t got all night to chat so hit me up if you want some

Like sup you stupid beezy
Im jokin take it easy
Just feeling kinda squeezy
And I heard you kinda sleezy


You can roll with me I got this hideout in the hills
Quiet little space for me to chill with all feels
No you cannot stay the night yes i mean that for real

That body so tight though
I swear that body so righteous
You got the kinda figga
make a nigga wanna fight

I heard you got a man
Heard he ain’t part of your plan
He aint gonna make you feel
the way mastery can

I aint falling for your games
so how bout you quit playin

I keep my mind focused on the game son
Don’t care if we fuck you see to me yer all the same hon
Fun be number one I’d rather shoot a laser gun
Ppl gon b talkin bout me long after I’m gone bitch

Mind quick to pick the flow switch
Top heals on the shammy – when I took down the Lich

Ka Ching
Always be swinging my bling
I got this hoe in my dreams
Strive to endeavor cuz im far 2 cleva
2 eva end up as a fling

I know one thing that is true
What you do comes back to you

I know one thing that is true
What you do comes back to you


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