#010 – This Bitch Fucked Up My Right Receptor

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Hi yes we’d like a table for two please… Hello, sir?
Oh yeah uh my bad, didnt hear you see – a while back..

This bitch fucked up my right receptor
Probly when I should have left her
Now I owe a lot of money to the tax collector
But I got that steel protector with multi-rate selector
If I see that b just one more time one shot and I’ll defect her

But she aint from my sector so i learn to live trifecta

The Golden hills of california is where I reside
That California EDC is from where I derive ye and
When I meet that brand new b into that slit I’ll slide
Just make sure she’s level 18 before you let her join (I aint carryin this bitch)

I need that kind of dime piece with a cute face and a tight waist
Don’t believe in time because I don’t got time to waste you see
I only got one type and i dont care about her race
Just so long as she’s a freak, petite, and knows her fukn place

Listen closely to me as I make this clear to you
Anything you want can be that all depends on you tho and

The message is quite clear it reads conceive, believe, achieve
Of course hard works involved that goes for anything worth anything

I’m prodigal like Ender Insubordinate like Bender
Comparable to Bolt cuz I’m the number one contender nickel

Oblivious like Fry, a lord just like a fly
Bring Ash Ketchum back to life every time I cry bitch (Never)

The only way to comprehend is if your savvy as a man
Made of different colors like an andy worhal campbells can
I’m just product of my kind my niga try to understand

– Sir can you just show us to our fucking table?

– Oh yeah sorry bout that, right this way sir

– step-step-step-step

– Well it looks like the table you wanted is dirty so we’ll just have to wait a second while they clean it

– Damnit noo…

– Anyways I was sayin like after that happened I was just like.. man

Fuck this fuckin bitch (hoe)
And fuck all of her friends (yo)
and fuck her fuckin mama man
In fuck fact all her kin (woah)

Look! now I got this twitch inside my wrist (damn)
So stressed out losing hair Im fucking pissed (Look)
Who knows how many daddys on her list now (Damn)
All I know that honeycomb got crisped now (DAMN)

Ill drop a fuckin dime if she so choose to waste my time
Don’t know why you look surprised you heard the fuckin line
You neva heard the flow though cuz im like no one you know
but we can talk about that later cuz right now I gotta go

Sorry about that wait sir
Got some menus here to start you off and a server will be right with you
(Yeah thats him over there)

Did you understand anything that kid was saying?


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