#009 – All That Matters Son Is What You Give Back To The World

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Sending out my message
in a way youll understand
I got this simple secret
that I’m tryin to convey

If you can Conceive
then yer already half way there
And if you truly Believe
then just stay patient until when

What you want you can Achieve
I promise that you can
Figure out what gives you meaning
then you formulate your plan

Heed my warning son
you must watch out for all these hoes
They’re twisted and deceiving man
just like an Amber Rose

Beautiful at first but then
those thorns will grab ahold
With every length of stem
another crooked thorn does grow

No one really knows how far
A crazy ho might go

She might just steal your childrean
She might just steal your soul

Just make sure you think
before you sink into that hole
Save you from her wicked grips
my one and only goal

If I can make you understand
all the struggle was worth while
If you’ve made the same mistake
it will get easier my child

I promise I believe in you
I’ll help you to prevail
Listen to my message and
you’ll start to see the veil

Don’t trust anyone who tries to
tell you that you’ll fail
When you give in to their weakness
is when you start to derail

This is all you need
just sit back, relax, and inhale
One hit from this shit will
break that evil witches spell

killed the nation
only sit in

Global domination
is my one
and only

Don’t know where youre trying to go
with this same conversation ho
But one thing that I fa sho is
karmas your incarceration

What you do comes
back to you and
dont you fukn
doubt it

If there’s
one thing
in life
thats true

you cannot
duck around it

All that matters son
is what you give back
to the world

The universe has given you
all you need
to push through

No one in this world
but you
can take yourself from you

Make sure that
you do not let
your mind play tricks on you


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