#008 – I’m So 1337 I Must Come From Sanghelios

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I got some chains mang
Just look at how they hang
I like to listen to em swing
like chinga linga ling

Feelin capitalistic and
im searching for some meaning
D on’t want to be a rapper and
this sure as hell ain’t singing

They’ll try to tell me who i am
but I cant hear a thing
Lost some hearing when my ex bitch
Took like 83 swings at me

She knew the police
would come for me
If I put one hand on that b
She begged me

Do your chains hang low
Do they wobble to the flow
Do they shine in the light
Do they sparkle do they glow

Can you stand up like a man
Do they drag you to the flow
Do you chains hang low

It’s 1 then 2 then 3
But this shit ain’t easy
A comes after C
but only if you B

Do you understand me?
Conceive Believe Achieve

The formula will manifest you anything you need
It’s up to you to become everything you want to be

Lived my whole life on legendary mode
Im so L33t I Must come from Sanghelios

Do not be the sucker in the room
If you do not know who then its you

Spent my early years filling my pokedex
Spent my early 20s chasing hoes n checks

Im 25 years old bout time u show respect
When u type my name all cap bold letters


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