#007 – You Alone Hold The Key To Universal Truth

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I dont have much time.


I’m mortal.

I understand the secret
to unlocking your potential
It’s simply how you use your time
it’s not about credentials

Skill and Mastery come with time
this process is essential
Conceive believe achieve
its literally just that simple

Try to keep an open mind
it may seem unconventional
When you apply it to your life
the moment will be pivotal

This concept worked for me and
everyone else that is credible

The effect it has on you is fukn incredible

Either way you feel
I hate to say youre just a tool
For me to spread the messages
they won’t teach you in school

The game of life is thick,
until you die it never ends
You must be like the flowing reed
against the blowing wind

In the face of sure destruction
never breaks it merely bends

You are the product
of your subconscious paradigm

You are the observer of
the thoughts inside your mind

Frequential mass of matter
in a high rate of vibration

Don’t be scared if you start
to feel a strange sensation

Yer waking up to what you are
so you should just embrace it

Fear will only hold you back
instead of running turn and face it

You alone hold the key
to universal truth
Sing along with me and you
will start to feel it too

If we work together then
theres nothing we cant do
But they force you all to work
n then they trick you to consume

First you get the money
Then you get the power

Then u get to crash a plane
into the tallest tower
Slaughter all the innocent
to make the people cower

If you plan to fight well son
the time is now er never

Me? No I don’t buy the story
that’s cuz I’m too clever

Just a youngster when it happened
I was two plus seven

Seen it with my own two eyes
watched all those people go to heaven


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