#006 – Lookin At My Phone Like Who Can This Be

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Dreamin bout some grub
That’s when I got the beep
Now im scrollin through my
very own galaxy

Lookin at my phone like who can this be
I’m – Hopin it’s a snap from my brand new b
But I’m worried DCSS might be lookin for me
Those motha fuckin leeches tryin to get my money

They want to give it to my baby mom
And Take away my seed
All because my baby mama won’t stop hatin me
Just cuz I refuse to stop smokin all this weed

Those bitch ass pigs can try hide
but they won’t find me (Open up this is the cops)
After all its just a call from my Mama G

She – wanted to tell me that the all foods ready
I just thank my lucky stars that I get to eat because
I remember this one time with my homie preach
Back when we had no food for days so we were feelin hella hungry man

We had no cash for dinner so
he went and hit the street

He got this subway gift card from a lady
She said that its not much but it should be 15
So I drove us all to subway got a footlong BLT
One day if I meet that beet then I’ll hand her a G

Thank you for your kindness mam, yeah you’re true homie
(You never know who your gonna help)

(And now, stay tuned for the hyper sexualization of.. an.. orange)
Peel open a cutie like a motha fuckin pro
Suck out all the juice until she cant drip any mo
Got her doin circles she dont know which way to go
I stick my finger in that skin then peel it back real slow

I’m one of no kind you know you never heard this flow
Had two dads they swapped wives now I have two little bros
Now I gotta keep em safe from all these little hoes
When U make a fortune Dimes will grovel at yer toe

Dont know why you hate but I believe to each their own
Tryna spread the messages they wont teach you in school
Listen while you can you might not get a second chance
Life is just a game and everyone is forced to play
You only get one shot in life so I’m here to stay at
Least until you pick up on the message I convey yuh

They dont care how i feel
Do you know how it feels
The food is good
I know you understood


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