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005 – Do U Believe In Fate? Can U Even Relate?

You’re such a stupid bitch
and I dont fuck with snitches
Hunting for those witches
To smooth out all the glitches

Going for the riches man
All these niggas vicious and
Im very suspicious
cuz that Pussy was delicious

I Live conspicuicious
Cuz currency fictitious
My brain always conflicted
From my son I am restricted

Want Backwood
pfft- Nah Im good
We smokin g bos in my hood (Im broke as fuck neeg)

I pursue my dreams, I pair it with blue dream
Addicted to the ick of stick likely it would seem

Always got some bling on
I like the way it clingon
If you call me team then
You are welcome on my king son (wait.)

Living on the fringes
Hangin by the hinges
Futurama binges
in sub optimal conditions

At peace with my afflictions
I live with no convictions
My mind full of conflictions
So the ganja is prescription

Living that quarter tank lifestyle
Haven’t bumped a bit in a good while
Need to find my b, she got a voice like grey de Lisle
And i know she waitin for me but I gotta stack dat pile first

Incubated in a bubble bound to burst
Knew that bitch was trouble still I gave in to the curse (I love you)
Now im on the grind I put my purpose first
Always smoke a blunt when I know that bits at church

Give me that got damn check my nickel
Give me that got damn check my nickel
Give me that got damn paycheck nickel
Got a lot a shit I gotta pay (but not today)

What you got to say (eh?)
I got babies mang (eh?)
One’s dead in the trash somewhere
The other I can’t see (eh?)

Do you believe in fate my neeg
Can you even relate my neeg
I have a son turned one today
I didn’t get to celebrate

What you fuckin want
What you fuckin want
What you fuckin want hoe

Oh you want a baby? Step into my office.


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