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Self Defeating Thoughts
Lead to Self Defeating Actions

Self Defeat Emotions
Ultimately breeds inaction

You must learn to decide why you do the things you do
First you need to find what truly motivates you

Sometimes I get caught up in what people say around me
Tell me who the fuk are you to be someone to talk about me (broo)

You don’t even know me ain’t nobody heard of you
Step back if you want some beef cuz beef I do not chew
You must find your own way when they tell you what to do
Never listen when they tell u that yer just a foo

Look back on yer life on all the shit that u got through (woo)
Promise to yourself that u gon make your dreams come true (phew)

Feet dont fail me now that im out here on my own
How can we change what we dont even know

Tryin to acquire all the skills that I can hone
A product of the times but I swear I’m not a clone

Ruined my whole life just to figure out myself
I’d never take it back bcuz I know that I can help you

Everything mus stem from intention
Before starting a task or an action

Critically ask yourself
what you want to achieve
Then you do not deviate,
put your head down and believe

I’m just a product of the times
That’s why I must bust these rhymes
Cuz Im always on the grind my nigga

Don’t buy into the lies man
How do you live your life
Do you even know your why my nigga

We may come from different times man
But with our skills combined we can
Shift some paradigms I betchu

You can not trust a mirror
That will not tell the truth

You must conquer fear or
fear will conquer you

A lotta ppl talk
A lotta ppl gloat

A lotta ppl walk
A lotta ppl float

The truth is nothing matters
unless you gettin results

You can’t compare to others
You compare the self to self

Subjecting yourself to self imposed discipline
is the surest way to increase the quality of your existence.


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