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003 – Born, Raised, and Blazed in the 762

Bringin that heat
Give me that beat
Show me something sweet
Sprinkle on da keef

When I come around you shall refer to me as me (What?)
Im one of no kind, you know exactly what I mean (Who is he?)

Bitch I don’t know you and you dont know me (nigga das me)
Cuz I’ve been chilling in the hills of Cali EDC Nickel (Where dat be?)

Born, raised, and blazed in the 762
High-class Cali livin is what I’m sayin to you

Kickin it every day
In the rubi gettin blazed
Smokin blunts up at heaven
Basshunter 311
Real life thizzin to Mac dre
Thats just how we used to play
A momentary silence for the legend of the bay

– silence –

Chillin in the hills steady building up my game
Really need a jeweler cuz these rhymes are off the chain
That liquid vision fission crashing straight into your brain
One must analyze the words to know just what I’m saying

Paint a picture with my words I eat my fill of nouns and verbs
A victim of the system chewed up spit out like a nerd
See this new age revolution thing I bring is just absurd
The plans I’ve set out for the future simply are unheard of

In the end you’ll find it was all about the times
You spent with your friends on the weekends when you were 10

Back then it didn’t end cuz you lived in the now
Now you don’t know how your life is passing by so fast
Cuzya only let your mind live in the future or the past Nickel

What’s happened in the past does not define you today
Memory and mind are to be referenced through the day

Dont live by every thought that races through your little brain
It’s not that hard to understand the concept is quite plain

Align your thoughts toward what you want boy and once you take that aim
Give it all you got you get one shot to play this game

When past and future get involved you start to form an ego
A limited perspective from a primitive directive that gets stuck in your cerebral

Can’t compare me to another truly is no equal
Only say the line one time I aint the type to sequel
Only say the line one time I aint the type to sequel
Pay attention to my words I bet yo lil freek will

Liquid: Sound is flowing like water
Vision: Music will help thou see the truth
Fission: Break down the waves coming through to you

I gotta catch you up cuz you have not been in my life
Been around the world, been dealt my own fair share of strife

Knocked this pretty hoe up but you know she aint my wife
Never got to meet my son so I fucked up and did it twice

Watch your back around these dimes boy they aint nothing nice
Life is just a gamble and you always roll the dice

So im lookin for that new bit thats gon let me get it thrice
Focus on becoming everything that you can be that is my advice

Liquid Vision Fission
Liquid Vision Fission
Liquid Vision Fission
Liquid Vision Fission



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