Mastery Music Network

Label: Mastery Music Network

Artist Name: Master Eon Cire

Purpose: Intuition, Imagination, and Invention

Mantra: illumination to the path of universal life mastery

Mascot: Happy the Crab


When man imagines a new idea then puts his mind to the task of manifesting the goal
through enduring effort he need only be patient for the inevitable attainment of the desired result.
His capacity for invention is limited by two factors:

  • Lack of INTUITION from a weak confidence of which can only be strengthened through exposure/experience
  • Lack of IMAGINATION from a weak critical thinking

Mastery –

1.) comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment.

2.) control or superiority over someone or something

Music –
Transmission of thought and emotion through poetic schemes, real life themes, and audible rhythm

Network –
It is a legitimate station like MTV or Spotify but also connects all the users empowering each individual with the option to manage their own broadcasting station
providing the opportunity to be respected

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